Raleigh. The state’s administrative center is famous for its oak forests, making it the “oak town. Its central part, Old Raleigh, is especially popular with tourists. In Old Raleigh, you can find the North Carolina State Capitol in the first half of the 19th century, the Pole House, the Mordecai Mansion, and the Historic Oakwood, a 19th century neighborhood of homes. Raleigh is home to the State Historical Museum and also has the City Museum and the Museum of Natural Science.

Charlotte. The largest city in the state of North Carolina. It is home to the largest Carowinds theme park in the United States. Art lovers will enjoy visiting the unique North Davidson neighborhood, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Art and Design. To get a sense of the city’s atmosphere, take a ride on the vintage South End Trolley Line, relax in Myers Park, and explore the campuses of the University of North Carolina. If you’re interested in science, don’t miss the Museum of Science and Technology and the Aviation Museum.

Wilmington. The city’s special pride is its gorgeous waterfront, which transitions to an oceanfront beach. Wrightsville is perfect for both relaxed swimming and surfing. This beach is home to one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country. Highlights of Wilmington include the Bellamy Mansion, the Railroad Museum, the Burgwin-Wright House, the historic Airlie Gardens, and the Peanut Plantation Float Grove in the suburbs.

Greensboro. The small town attracts tourists with lush green spaces, including Lindley and Newbridge Bank Parks. History and art lovers won’t miss the opportunity to explore the Blandwood Mansion, the Carolina Theater, and the World War Memorial Stadium.

Durham. The largest educational center in the state. Its main attraction is Duke University, whose buildings are built in different architectural styles. The jewel of the campus is the main chapel of Durham, impressive in its architectural beauty.

Fayetteville. The administrative center of Cumberland County spreads out on the banks of the Cape Fear River. One of the city’s popular spots is Heritage Square, which is home to the former mansions of famous townspeople. There are beautiful churches and interesting museums in the city. It was in Fayetteville that the first family-run restaurant in the United States, Golden Coral, opened. You can get acquainted with the local fauna and have a good rest at the city’s Botanical Garden.

Sugar Mountain. Sugar Mountain ski resort is one of the most popular vacation spots for Americans. There are 20 trails of varying difficulty levels for skiers and snowboarders. Fans of winter entertainment also enjoy coming down the mountain on inflatables (tubing), skating. The resort season here starts in December and lasts until the end of March.