Mueslli Parfait Recipe:

Muessli Parfait

Yield: 8 Servings

Pear (small diced): 1 ea
Banana (sliced): 1 ea
Grapes (seedless): 5 oz
Dried Apricots (diced): 3 ea
Agave Sugar: 1 oz
Apple (small diced): 1 ea
Organic Rolled Oats: 3 oz
Roasted Almonds: 1 oz
Lemon Juice: 1 T
Lactose Free Milk: 4 fl oz or enough to cover the oats

1. Place oats, sugar, lemon juice in a glass bowl, cover with milk, cover bowl and place in refrigerator to soak overnight.
2. In a fluted or parfait glass, start with stacking layers of fruits, then oats then almonds then berries and so on.

Use your own favorite fruits – like ripe mangoes or pineapples. Orange juice may be substituted for milk and granola may be added to one layer as extra crunch element and by reducing added sugar. Yogurt with lemon juice may be used to separate layers

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