Meet Your Hosts

Lale and Mehmet were born and raised in Turkey. She assumed the family business, he attended to graduate school at LSU followed by posts with an international US company; the last stop was from Germany to Hendersonville. The labor of love that would become Melange began in 1998 when he went to culinary school. The vision was to create something distinctly their own; a destination nest rich with elegant interpretations of olde world!

Lale-Mehmet Ozelsel

We both grew up in an environment of spiritual largesse; of tolerance and brotherhood, “ Lale says. “The paths of our children today are evidence of world citizenry. We have dear guests who enrich our lives immensely. Others have turned from guests into inn-sitters; we cook together and celebrate. To many of the couples who married at the Melange, Mehmet and I became adoptive parents.  As foodies, we strive to be ever more ecologically conscientious, favor local produce, and routinely receive one of the highest sanitation grades of the area.

 (photo 10/2002)


Meet Our Inn-Sitter Keith Vick

A graduate of Auburn University with a wonderfully exciting and broad background, Keith has joined the Melange family permanently in February 2015. He will tell you all about country living, international flying, culinary and hospitality, and his passion, outdoors sightseeing.