Private Dining at the Melange

  • Special Event Dining at Melange Bed and Breakfast in Hendersonville near Asheville
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    Vegan - Gluten & Dairy Free - Spinach & Quinoa Muffin & Fresh Veggies
  • Special Event Dining at the Melange near Asheville
    Greenhouse Room
  • Stuffed Portobello Mushroom
    Stuffed Portobello Mushroom
  • Bed and Breakfast near Asheville Fine Dining
    Turquoise Room
  • Bed and Breakfast near Asheville for Private and Fine Dining
    Private Dining in the Grand Parlor
  • Vegetarian Entree
    Vegetarian Entree
  • Private Dining at the Mediterranean Courtyard
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  • Savory Crepe

“..that wonderful sense of inner fulfillment of having eaten a heavenly meal and feeling at peace with the world.” (a quote from a guest).

This is the niche specialty at the Melange available to groups of 6 and above. The goal is to create a unique combination of ambiance, nostalgia and flair to help celebrate a special time. Chef-served with the finest china, crystal and silverware, the private dinner includes five courses: an appetizer, a seasonal soup, a salad, an entree with side dish and the dessert, the pièce de résistance. Menus are driven and inspired by the seasons and Mediterranean interpretations. 

The dinner may be preceded with a social hour gathering in one setting followed by formal seating in another. Call 828-697-5253 for reservations, food selections and suggestions from the kitchen .

We promise you an evening of pampering with elegance and intimacy!

Candlelit Dinner Menu

Pet Friendly - LGBT Friendly Accommodations - Special Event Venue

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