Private Dining at the Melange

“That wonderful feeling of inner fulfillment of having eaten a good meal and feeling at peace with the world.” (a quote from a guest).

Private Dining is a niche offering at the Melange designed to celebrate romance, love, or simply the fact that you’re alive and well. Served with the finest antique china, crystal and silverware, the five-course dinner menu includes an appetizer, a seasonal soup, a salad, an entree with side dish and the dessert, a pièce de résistance.  Lale draws on her upbringing and on the traditions and culture of the Turkish kitchen with its rich heritage of Arabic, Armenian, Persian and Greek cuisines.  Dinner options are available to any patron or a group, whether staying overnight or arriving specifically for dinner.  

For groups of eight or more, the dinner may be preceded with a social hour gathering in one setting followed by formal seating in another. Call  for reservations, food selections and suggestions from the kitchen with the latest local produce. 

We promise you an evening of pampering in a unique ambiance of elegance and intimacy!

Five Course Dinner Menu