FRP-The Big Bang

Date: June 27, 2013-July 14, 2013 (-)

This frenetic entertainment is long on shtick and historical hilarity. Two producers are attempting to raise 83.5 million dollars for a twelve-hour staged musical history of the world which will features a 318-person cast, 6,428 costumes and 1,400 wigs. From the Big Bang to the present, the two producers attempt to give potential investors a taste of the impending extravaganza by portraying some of history’s most notorious figures. Adam and Eve, Napoleon, Nefertiti, Caesar, Mrs. Ghandi, Attila, Columbus, Minnehaha, Tokyo Rose, Eva Braun and more are all brought to life by the two harried producers. In the process, the opulent Park Avenue apartment “borrowed” for the occasion is trashed as the two snatch the furnishings to create makeshift costumes while singing and clowning their way through inventive re-creations of the past.

Location: Flat Rock Playhouse – Downtown

Pet Friendly - LGBT Friendly Accommodations - Special Event Venue

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